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What is the relationship between the wiring harness and the connector?

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Now we are living in the age of electronic information. Display terminals can be seen everywhere, allowing you to keep abreast of major events happening all over the world. When you disassemble various electronic display terminals, you will find that there will be a wiring harness and a connector inside. They are an important part of electronic products, which are equivalent to the meridians in our body, which play the role of transmission and connection.

To be precise, a wire harness requires a connector, and the connector is not only used on the wire harness, but the quality of the wire harness is closely related to the connector. A very important step in the wire harness processing is "terminal crimping" in the crimping process. In the middle, the quality of the connector terminal has a decisive effect on the wiring harness. Before the editor, I have encountered several problems with the wiring harness caused by the connector. Now I will share with you.

A Dongguan company engaged in wire harness processing chose an irregular connector manufacturer for cheap and ordered a batch of PH connectors. During the processing, due to the plating thickness problem, the riveting pressure was not tight and the supplier had to be changed, which was delayed. Not to mention the delivery time, but also wasted manpower and material resources. There is also a Zhuhai company that does wire harness processing because of the quality problems of the selected connector, which caused the wire harness to appear flickering during use, which caused customer complaints.

Therefore, the wiring harness must be cautious in the choice of the connector. Don't make a choice because of temporary cheapness. Quality is the key. The original factory price is high and the delivery time is slow. Then you can choose a domestic connector manufacturer. However, it should be noted that in addition to the quality of the connector itself, the manufacturer’s production strength and qualifications should also be considered. Find a few more companies for comparison. After choosing the best from them and choosing online, it is best to go to the manufacturer for on-site inspection.

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