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2510 spacing 2.54 terminal wire silicone harness

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2510 spacing 2.54 terminal wire silicone harness
  • 2510 spacing 2.54 terminal wire silicone harness
  • 2510 spacing 2.54 terminal wire silicone harness

Brand: LXH

Model: 2510/2.54 spacing terminal wire

Category: harness/terminal wire/connecting wire

Operating frequency: low frequency

Interface type: DIN

Shapes: bars

Manufacturing process: cold pressing

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1、 Product detailed parameters:

Processing customization: Yes

Characteristics: Flame retardant

Contact material: phosphor copper

2、 Product advantages:

Stable connection, high temperature resistance, good weldability, convenient and fast installation, and long shelf life.

Multi strand copper wire core combination, real material, anti-aging, strong transmission effect.

High quality and environment-friendly PVC with strong insulation performance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, and long service life.

High quality wire core, high temperature resistance, fire resistance and flame retardancy, solid and unbreakable wire body, and guaranteed quality.

The manufacturer can undertake OEM processing and customization, and can customize the specification, length, color and other processing and customization of wire rods according to customer requirements.

3、 Application scope/usage scenario

Products can be used for: medical equipment, smart home, all kinds of electrical internal wiring.